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I'd rather my flame burn bright than be some puny little pilot light

burning bright
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sometimes you’re the dog sometimes you’re the hydrant

Me: Pale interesting obsessive panda. I can't help myself I get fixed on things – the strangest things! And they change depending on the weather and time of year. Fitness freak who is never away from the gym or my music long.

Journal: I have no friending policy just add me but if you’re after my fanfiction the you can find it at the link below. I rant about random things from TV shows and music to my family and friends. I’m an sadly old enough to be classed as an adult and my entries will represent that so if you’re easily offended then I wouldn’t bother friending me.

Fandoms: I watch everything at the original pace – this includes first look in the UK. I don’t include spoilers cuts so if you watch any of the same shows and haven’t watched an episode yet you might want to avoid my journal for a few days. 30 Rock, Blood Ties, Criminal Minds, CSI NY, House, MI5, Nurse Jackie, Private Practice, Queer as Folk, Real People, Shameless, Skins, SNL, Spooks, Star Trek TNG

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